Healthy Lives™ for Employers

Improving Employee Health and Reducing Costs


Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System established a strategic imperative to serve as a leader in healthcare reform. A new arm of the organization, Franciscan Health and Wellness Services, was created to explore innovative models of care in the area of population health management.

Franciscan Health and Wellness Services developed the Healthy Lives program, a comprehensive wellness and care management program, to improve the health of our workforce and reduce escalating health plan costs. Healthy Lives was implemented in the 2011 benefit year for our team members and dependents with an 80% participation rate. The program has improved the quality of care our team members and their families receive and has significantly bent the cost curve of our health plan expense. Now, we are sharing the program with businesses in the communities we serve.


With the clinical expertise of the largest health system in Louisiana backing Healthy Lives, employers can be confident that the advice and care they receive from the Healthy Lives team is rooted in our 100-year tradition of healthcare.



Healthy Lives is a comprehensive health and wellness program based on a best-practice, holistic model of care rooted in evidence-based medicine.
Healthy Lives has four components that provide a cost-effective program for employers:

  • Creation and analysis of a comprehensive workplace profile using a robust analytics program pulling from several data sources, including medical and pharmacy claims, in order to develop and understand a company’s health profile.

  • Biometric screenings and health risk assessments of employees are used with the other data sources to model the risk and create a health report for each employee. While individual information is private, the overall information provides the complete health profile of a company’s workforce.

  • Wellness services that are customized for a company and its employees that include incentives, education, and clinical expertise.

  • Health coaching by local, registered nurses and dieticians who provide support and motivation to help employees overcome obstacles to reach their health and wellness goals.

  • When needed, health coaches work collaboratively with physicians and healthcare providers.


    In the three years since its inception, Healthy Lives has improved the health of health system team members and reduced overall health plan costs which has maximized the value of the system’s investment in healthcare for its workforce. Measures consistently perform above the national benchmarks in the quality of care members receive for wellness and prevention and chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Other employers who have implemented the Healthy Lives program show similar trends in engagement, quality, and cost.


    The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System has taken a leading role to address the changing landscape of healthcare and is now helping dozens of employers and several other health systems around the country manage their healthcare costs through its innovative, Healthy Lives program. Visit www.ourhealthylives.org or call 1 (855) 426-4325 to learn how Healthy Lives can partner with you to improve the health of your employees and reduce costs.