Health Information


Self-Care Instructions

Daily bowel care program

Day to day with COPD

De Quervain’s tendinitis

Debridement of skin ulcers

Deciding to breastfeed

Deciding to have knee or hip replacement

Deciding to quit drinking alcohol

Decubitus ulcer prevention

Deep breathing after surgery

Defining overweight and obesity - children

Dementia - behavior and sleep problems

Dementia - daily care

Dementia - keeping safe in the home

Dementia and driving

Depression - stopping your medicines


Dermatosis of pregnancy

Devices for hearing loss

Diabetes - blood sugar control

Diabetes - eye care

Diabetes - foot care - self-care

Diabetes - foot ulcers

Diabetes - keeping active

Diabetes - low blood sugar - self-care

Diabetes - preventing heart attack and stroke

Diabetes - taking care of your feet

Diabetes - tests and checkups

Diabetes - vision loss

Diabetes - when you are sick

Diabetes and exercise

Diabetes eye exams

Diabetic neuropathy - self-care

Diabetic retinopathy - care

dialysis - hemodialysis access

Diarrhea - gastroenteritis

Diarrhea - self-care

Diet - clear liquid

Diet - full liquid

Diet after gastric banding

Diet and eating after esophagectomy

Dietary fats explained

Dietary fiber - self-care

Digitalstenosing tenosynovitis

Directly observed therapy

Dislocated shoulder - aftercare

Disposable urinary collection devices

Dizziness and vertigo - aftercare


Drawing medicine out of a vial

Dressing changes

Drinking water safely during cancer treatment

Drop finger

Dry mouth during cancer treatment

Dry skin - self-care

Dysarthria - care

Dysfunctional bowel - care

Dysphagia - self-care


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