Self-Care Instructions

Pain - shins - self-care

Pain and your emotions

Palliative care - fluid, food, and digestion

Palliative care - managing pain

Partial thickness burns

Patella fracture

Patellar subluxation - aftercare

Patellofemoral subluxation - aftercare

PCL injury - aftercare

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) - aftercare

Pelvic muscle strengthening exercises

Perimenopause - self-care

Peripheral artery disease of the legs - self-care

Peripheral vascular disease - self-care

Peripherally inserted central catheter - flushing

Phantom limb pain

PICC - flushing

PIH - self-care

PIH - self-care

Pin care

Piriformis syndrome

Pivot turn

Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy

Portion size

Positioning your baby for breastfeeding

Post-esophagectomy diet

Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury - aftercare

Posterior tibial shin splints - self-care

Posterior tibial shin splints - self-care

Postherpetic neuralgia - aftercare

Postural drainage


Preeclampsia - self-care

Pregnancy - birth plan

Pregnancy and travel

Pregnancy and work

Pregnancy-induced hypertension - self-care

Pregnancy-induced hypertension - self-care

Premenstrual syndrome - self-care

Prenatal care in your first trimester

Prenatal care in your second trimester

Prenatal care in your third trimester

Preparing children for pregnancy and a new baby

Pressure sores prevention

Pressure stockings

Preterm labor

Preventing falls

Preventing head injuries in children

Preventing hepatitis A

Preventing hepatitis B or C

Preventing pressure ulcers

Preventing stroke

Problems sleeping during pregnancy

Prostatitis- bacterial - self-care

Pruritus ani - self-care

Psoas strain - aftercare

Pulled hip flexor - aftercare

Pulling a patient up in bed

Pulmonary hypertension - at home


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